Project management

Project management is key to getting stuff done, whether your task be a major change project such as bringing in a new fundraising product, changing a key system (project guidance and support only) or just changing the way you do stuff around here. Large 'business as usual' pieces of work are often best approached as a project in themselves as a means of controlling and driving them, and ensuring they deliver what your organisation needs.

FPM Dingo can bring energy, control and results to your projects, as project manager, project guidance or even senior user. Project experience includes CRM and CMS implementation, supporter engagement review and rebuild, data management and data protection (inc GDPR), event management, team restructure, fundraising product implementation - just ask, we can help (and if we can’t we can usually signpost elsewhere). We are Prince2 and Prince2 Agile Practitioner qualified.


The strategy may, or may not, be set. The course may have changed, or it may never have been clear. The team may be ready and willing, or waiting for instructions. Whatever your current challenge, an independent and objective view can be priceless in helping you find your way and get you started. And that can apply if you've started, but for some reason are currently on a dead stop. Or if you're not sure what the challenge really is, amongst all the noise.

FPM Dingo has experience from all sides of the charity view - donor, beneficiary, director, trustee, manager, volunteer, team leader, team player - across 20 years in the sector. A bigger picture view, a thought-provoking ally, a critical friend, someone to challenge you - whatever you need, we can likely help.


And amongst the day to day of it all, sometimes there are gaps that shouldn't be there, at a time when you just need to slot an experienced pair of hands in. Or you need someone to pick a role up, shake it out, deliver what's needed, and then pass it on to the next long-timer. Whatever the reason, and for short or medium term, FPM Dingo can help. With experience across data, supporter care, fundraising, communications and campaigns, we can help you not just plug the gap, but hold the line as part of your team so you can keep moving forward, even when resources are stretched.

FPM Dingo has worked many roles in her time, including, but not limited to Database Manager (RE); Press Officer; Director of Fundraising and Communications; Director of Marketing and Fundraising; Director of Fundraising and Campaigns; Head of Membership for a major UK Museum, Data Development Manager... Got something to add to that? Get in touch.